European Works Councils (EWCs)

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses must collaborate with their partners and stakeholders worldwide. This collaboration often involves hosting events, such as conferences, meetings, and seminars, where participants from different parts of the world can join remotely. European Works Councils (EWCs) are no exception, as they seek to bring together representatives from different European countries to discuss important topics and make decisions that impact the workforce across the region. To ensure that these events are successful, EWCs can rely on the expertise of Milestone Productions to deliver flawless events with remote guests and the use of simultaneous interpretation.

What is a European Works Council?

A European Works Council (EWC) is a consultative body made up of employee representatives from different European Union (EU) member states. The purpose of an EWC is to provide a platform for employees to discuss and make decisions on matters affecting the workforce across the EU. EWCs are often established by transnational companies that operate in more than one EU member state. These companies are required by law to establish an EWC if they employ at least 1,000 employees across the EU and at least 150 employees in each of two or more EU member states.

Why are flawless events important for EWCs?

EWCs hold meetings and events throughout the year, which are essential for employee representatives to exchange ideas and make decisions. These events are typically attended by employee representatives, management representatives, and external experts. They may also involve guest speakers or participants joining remotely from different parts of the world. Flawless events are crucial for EWCs because they ensure that all participants can communicate effectively, regardless of their location or language.

How can Milestone Productions support EWCs?

Milestone Productions is a leading provider of event management and audio-visual solutions. With their expertise, EWCs can deliver successful events that meet the needs of all participants, whether they are attending in person or remotely. Here are some ways Milestone Productions can support EWCs:

  1. Remote participation

Milestone Productions can provide a range of solutions for remote participation, including live streaming, webcasting, and video conferencing. This ensures that participants who are unable to attend in person can still contribute to the event and interact with other attendees. Remote participation also allows EWCs to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing the need for travel.

  1. Simultaneous interpretation

Milestone Productions can provide simultaneous interpretation services in multiple languages, ensuring that all participants can understand and participate in the event. This is especially important for EWCs, where participants may speak different languages. Simultaneous interpretation allows for real-time translation, making communication seamless and efficient.

  1. Event management

Milestone Productions can provide comprehensive event management services, including planning, logistics, and execution. This ensures that all aspects of the event are taken care of, allowing EWCs to focus on the content and objectives of the event. Milestone Productions can also provide technical support and troubleshooting during the event, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, Milestone Productions can provide invaluable support to EWCs by delivering flawless events with remote guests and the use of simultaneous interpretation. With their expertise in event management and audio-visual solutions, Milestone Productions can ensure that all participants can communicate effectively, regardless of their location or language. EWCs can rely on Milestone Productions to provide a comprehensive solution that meets their needs and ensures the success of their events.

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