Zoom Managed Services

We offer a zoom managed service. By taking care of all things zoom related we allow you to concentrate on your message.

Virtual event

Why ?

We understand that most people have a good understanding and experience with Zoom. Why would you need us? Well we offer Zoom meetings and Webinars as a service. While we look after the technical side of the event you can devote you time to delivering your messages and listening to your customers.

We can offer remote studio based production. And for those mission critical event we offer 2 control rooms to mitigate against power or broadband failures.

Zoom Managed Service Control
Virtual event

What our entry level service covers

Call Setup and Hosting
Guest entry using waiting room management (delegate list required)
Microphone Management of Delegates (ensure they are off for presentations)
Presenter Spotlighting
Video and Audio Playback
Chat room support for delegates

Additional Services on Request

Breakout room management
Simultaneous Interpretation Services
Slide Management
Audience Voting
Q&A on private application
Feedback Surveys
Broadcast to Public or Private Web (unlimited viewers)


Milestone Productions is a family owned and run business. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service. We take care of every event, conference or meeting as your reputation is our next referral.



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